Kyro Control Panel v.05.04.20
written by Dominik Wagenfuehr

Help Index
  1. Introduction
  2. User Interface
  3. Game Info Panel
  4. Menu Items
    1. Games
    2. Children
    3. Options
    4. Help
  5. Registry Settings
  6. Last Bits
    1. Error help
    2. Version History
    3. Todo & Ideas

1. Introduction

This Kyro Control Panel can be used as support for the PowerVR profile editor but also as replacement. It includes the standard registry settings such as "Enable Anti Aliasing" or "Trilinear Filtering" but has way more options than the PVR profile editor, e.g. "Enhanced TnL" and "Expose Caps".

Note: It is not necessary but useful to start the latest Kyro Regskript because there are several changes in the registry concerning the control panel.


2. User Interface

  1. The title bar shows the program name but especially the version. It's best to use always the latest built.
    If you are in "Demo Mode" (see below) it's also mentioned here.
  2. With the menu you can add or delete new entries, add, delete or free children (see below) or toggle to "Demo Mode" (see below) and much more.
  3. The "Game Info" panel shows many informations for the current game entry. Please see below for further informations.
  4. There are two tabs for Direct3D games and OpenGL games. It is necessary that the user knows with which language the game is rendered.
  5. There are lots of registry settings. Most times you don't need the "Other Options" check boxes.
  6. Some game need besides an entry in the Direct3D-folder an entry in DirectDraw. This checkbox indicates that there is such an entry. It's only shown in the Direct3D tab.
  7. If there is a reg setting in the registry that don't have a check box on screen, this box is checked for notification. You cannot select or deselect it!
  8. These two buttons are for applying some changes or reset the current entry to default values. There are only enabled after you have clicked some check box.

3. Game Info Panel

This info panel shows all information about a game. It includes the follwing:

4. Menu
4.1. Games

In this menu you can add new game entries or delete old ones.
  1. If you want to add a game to the registry just click on "New Entry...". You can choose some file in the dialog and it will be added to the registry.

  2. Note: You shouldn't wonder that under Direct3D all filenames only have 15 letters. PowerVR has made this decision!
    Note: After adding a game there are several boxes checked already. This is correct because e.g. EnhancedTnL is disabled as standard setting.

  3. If you want to delete a entry, just click on "Delete".

  4. Note: All children (see below) will be deleted as well.

  5. Choosing "Quit", exits the application.

4.2. Children

In this menu you can add children, delete or free them.

Description: It is possible that some games need to have more than one entry because there is more than one file that needs to be started. So it would be redundant work to check all settings in both entries and applying it there.
Because of this you can add children. A child inherits all settings from his parent. So choosing a child copies all settings from the parent entry to the child entry. Also applying settings to the parent effects the settings of the child.
Because the child can only inherit its settings you can not check anything there. The check boxes are disabled.
It is possible that children are parents too. So parents could have grandchildren. The rules for them (and their children) are the same as above.
  1. If you want to add a child just click on "Add Child...". You can choose a file in the dialog which will be added to the registry after choosing.

  2. Note: You can only add one child at a time. So this menu item is disabled after one child has been added.

  3. Freeing a child means that it has grown up and leave its parents home. ;) The child entry is now alone and you can make changes at its settings.

  4. Note: Freeing a child doesn't mean that the whole family is free. So a grandchild of the parent is still a child of the freed child.
    Note: You can only free children if the current entry has one.

  5. Deleting a child is the same as selecting the child in the drop down field and delete it there. All children of this child will be deleted as well.

4.3. Options

This menu is for all other options.
  1. Rereading the registry is almost never necessary. If you have to make some settings in the registry manually you should restart the control panel or just choose "Reread", so that you have a consistent database.

  2. Before making any changes - and of course if you are not sure what you do - please make a backup of your registry settings. You can choose "Save" and all game settings will be stored on your hard drive.
    After making too much changes (maybe you deleted someting) you can load the registry backup.

  3. The demo mode has two functions:

  4. Note: With non-Kyro cards you cannot deselect "Demo Mode"!
    Note: If you are in "Demo Mode" it is shown in the title bar.

4.4. Help

The "Help" entry shows this screen.
The "About" dialog shows some information about the program.

5. Registry Settings

There are way more registry settings for Kyro cards than you can select in the control panel. But because of a good clearness I choose the common used settings for selection.
Most of them are self-explaining. But even I don't know what you can do with all settings. So just try it out.


6. Last Bits
6.1. Error Help

If you get the error that you don't have a Kyro card or get errors applying settings, please be sure...
  1. ... that you have a kyro card installed. ;)
  2. ... that you have enough rights in the registry for reading and (!) writing values.
    As standard only admins can write to the registry under Windows. So log in as admin or give yourself the rights to edit the registry keys for Kyro cards. (The necessary key should be mentioned in the error message.)

6.2. Version History

  • internal changes (add jpeg-support)
  • add menu shortcuts
  • minor bugfix with "add last application"
  • integrated last used application ("goto" and "add")
  • minor internal changes (two lists for OGL and D3D, help file existence is checked)
  • show helpfile in internal HTML window
  • minor bug fix with empty game names
  • minor bug fix with filenames "game", "kart", "lithtech" "main" and "setup" if you want to start the application
  • added game name and patch check box (running latest regskript would be useful)
  • added start button to start application
  • some menu changes (added description)
  • major bug fix (the check box below was not to much, deleting it cause several problems with the settings)
  • forgotten to set and delete DirectDraw entries, add checkbox for this
  • minor bug fix (one check box to much)
  • included help file and about
  • added checkbox for non-supported reg settings
  • lesser checkboxes and lesser reg options (better overview)
  • some design changes
  • demo mode (esp. for non-Kyro cards) included
  • applying settings for parent applies for all children
  • adding child copies registry values from parent
  • option to load and save registry (for backup)
  • added menubar (without help - I mean there is no help topic till now!)
  • new association (child <-> parent)
  • possibility to deleting whole family
  • some design changes (no buttons e.g.)
  • first raw version
  • many buttons and too much check boxes... :)


5.3. Todo & Ideas